Mulcair’s plan will cost nearly 150,000 jobs, pretends Harper’s recession never happened

Mulcair’s plan will cost nearly 150,000 jobs, pretends Harper’s recession never happened
Posted on September 17, 2015 | Unpublished Admin | Written on September 16, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This press release was issued yesterday by the Liberal Party in response to NDP's costing of their platform.

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OTTAWA – The NDP’s flawed costing, released today, shows Thomas Mulcair has broken major promises, delayed needed help for the middle class, and embraced Harper’s cuts. 

“NDP policies will lead to nearly 150,000 job losses almost immediately. That’s what his immediate job killing corporate tax hike will do to the economy,” said Liberal candidate for Markham—Thornhill, John McCallum.

“Thomas Mulcair’s promises are meaningless. He is backing off multi-billion dollar promises on transit, child care, international assistance, and more,” said Mr. McCallum. “Mulcair is trying to mislead Canadians into believing that help is on the way immediately. In fact, the NDP’s signature promises are back-loaded, delayed for years, and significantly underfunded, like child care and public transit.”

“The NDP uses Stephen Harper’s budget framework from April, pretending the economy hasn’t deteriorated since then. The NDP completely ignores the Bank of Canada, the PBO, OECD, and everyone who says the economy has deteriorated – except, Thomas Mulcair. It’s a huge mistake,” said Mr. McCallum.

“Thomas Mulcair isn’t offering real change from Stephen Harper. His political experience has only taught him to play politics with everything,” said Mr. McCallum.

“Even worse, Mulcair’s math doesn’t add up. There are glaring errors in the New Democrats’ costing, like the fact that they overestimate corporate tax revenues,” said Liberal candidate for Saint-Maurice—Champlain, Francois-Phillippe Champagne.

“Thomas Mulcair is embracing Harper’s cuts by adopting his failed fiscal framework that has hurt the middle class and hurt the economy,” said Mr. Champagne. “In his rush to eliminate the deficit at any cost, Mulcair is embracing Harper’s multi-billion dollar cuts, meaning he can’t make the investments we need in the middle class, our communities, and our economy.”

“Canadians have a clear choice in this election between the Liberal Party’s plan for smart investments that create jobs and growth, or Harper’s and Mulcair’s cuts that will slow down our economy even further,” concluded Mr. McCallum.

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