The truth

The truth
Posted on September 16, 2015 | Jamie Langlois | Written on September 16, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This letter is Authorized by Jamie Langlois.

Growing up I was always taught to do right, even when I did wrong at times.

I served in the Canadian forces for a few years and rubbed elbows with some people. After leaving the forces and getting a bit of an education on how things really work here in Canada, I sent an email to prime minister Stephen Harper's office telling him that he was and is dishonorable for exploiting Canadians for monetary gain. I provided him with the proof. I also told him that a leader is supposed to help his people, not hurt them for monetary gain. Everything from toxic foods to a toxic environment that can and will cause disease in an entire population, and this was all before the cutbacks to everything from social services to healthcare (all the while the politicians giving themselves an 11% pay raise that year). Then about two minutes after the email was sent, I was hacked and locked out of my now unsecure email account. I was unable to change the account so I am left with it 'knowingly hacked' and whoever it is watching every move I make........your tax dollars at work no less.

I am not the leader of Canada, nor do I wish to be. However, I do know that a leader is supposed to care for his people and do everything to ensure their safety and security for the future.....not GMO, crappy foods with cancer causing agents inside, hazardous environments causing health problems, fluoridation of the water supply(which is actually a bit product of metal smelting if I am correct), to poor education and or such a burden for student loans that it can probably cause health problems just from the stress, to social welfare problems that are not meant to be solved.

I am ashamed to be Canadian and to have saluted the flag for all those years. I thought Canada was the best country in the world until I realized these problems could go away if the Prime Minister would think with his heart as opposed to thinking with his bank joke. I swore an oath to protect Canada from all enemies foreign and domestic. As it stands, the government of Canada IS that enemy.

I'm ashamed of how my government treats its people. So, I soldier on helping everyone I can anyway.

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