Tell your candidates to support Canada's Internet

Tell your candidates to support Canada's Internet
Posted on September 15, 2015 | Open Media | Written on September 15, 2015
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Author's Note:

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Exciting news! Green Party leader Elizabeth May has just announced her endorsement of our crowdsourced pro-Internet action plan.1

She becomes the first major party leader to do so - and this would never have happened without so many people speaking up to support our plan. Now, imagine the impact we could have if we got all the parties signed on to our plan. This is where you come in.

We've built a powerful new tool that will bombard candidates in your riding with our pro-Internet action plan. Use the tool now and make sure your candidates put digital issues front and centre.

One thing is clear, we don’t have a moment to lose: we’ve been speaking with the parties and we know they’re on the verge of finalizing their policy plans. Right now we need huge numbers to send this plan to local candidates to make party leaders sit up and take notice.

As Elizabeth May’s endorsement proves, if enough of us speak up, we can make the difference and turn your pro-Internet action plan into law. Now we just need to get the other parties on board.

The last election was decided by just 6,200 votes2 -- so every voice makes a difference.

Use our tool now to send your crowdsourced action plan to your local candidates- and tell them to become a pro-Internet candidate committed to our digital future.

Canadians are suffering as a result of the government’s failed digital policies.3,4 That’s why over 250,000 of you helped write our plan to ensure every Canadian has affordable, world-class, surveillance-free Internet.

With momentum on our side, we need to tell candidates from all the parties to get behind this plan. But please, speak up now before this unique window of opportunity closes.

Thanks for standing with us!

on behalf of your OpenMedia team


[1] Elizabeth May becomes first party leader to endorse OpenMedia’s pro-Internet Action Plan. Source 
[2] Tallying the Conservative win in 14 ridings. Source: 
[3] Federal government privacy breaches soar to record high. Source: Ottawa Citizen 
[4] Government report confirms that telecom bills are rising at 3 times the rate of inflation. Source

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