Lisa Raitt: The bad news budget

Lisa Raitt: The bad news budget
Posted on March 25, 2017 | Lisa Raitt | Written on March 25, 2017
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I’ve found something good in Justin Trudeau's budget.

It gives me a chance to highlight the Liberal priorities and contrast them with what my priorities will be as Prime Minister.

You already know the Liberal budget raises taxes and makes life harder for families, but did you know:

  • It increases the cost of taking public transit by scrapping the Public Transit Tax Credit;
  • It adds a 13% tax on ride-sharing services like Uber;
  • Employment Insurance premiums are going up, which means more money off your paycheque;
  • It adds more than $26 billion to our debt this year, despite promises of “only” $10 billion deficits;

Be a part of the movement dedicated to ending Justin Trudeau’s time in office and achieving a Conservative Victory in 2019!

In less than a 1.5 years, Justin Trudeau has taken our balanced budget and plunged our country into a deficit hole tens of billions of dollars deep – and he’s determined to continue digging.

That means our kids, and their kids, will be paying for his mistakes long after he’s been removed from office.

Here’s the contrast: My tax plan removes all income tax from the first $15,000 you, and every Canadian worker, earns. That’s an average of $500 less in taxes for every single Canadian worker.

Justin Trudeau is focused on raising your taxes. I will lower them, helping you hold on to more of your own money. That’s the difference between Liberal and Conservative priorities.

I am the only leadership candidate who was in Cabinet and on the government committee that cut spending and balanced the books - all while providing tax relief to Canadians. It can be done. I have done it and I will do it again.

Join my team and together we will achieve Victory in 2019.

Thank you,

Lisa Raitt

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