Fortin LeFaivre Releases Plan to Pressure Governments to Reduce Heavy Trucks in Downtown Core

Fortin LeFaivre Releases Plan to Pressure Governments to Reduce Heavy Trucks in Downtown Core
Posted on October 2, 2014 | Catherine Fortin LeFaivre | Written on October 2, 2014
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Candidate will use her skills and experience as PR professional in Washington and Ottawa to launch advocacy campaign to reduce trucks from Rideau-Vanier streets

OTTAWA, October 2, 2014 – Today, Catherine Fortin LeFaivre, candidate for City Councillor in Rideau-Vanier, announced key parts of a plan to advance the resolution of the heavy truck problem that has frustrated and angered downtown residents for decades and caused the death of eight people in ten years.

Within 45 days of being in office, Fortin LeFaivre, who has worked as an advocacy and communications leader for ten years, is promising to launch a high profile public relations campaign to increase pressure on the City of Ottawa and Government of Ontario to agree to reducing the number of trucks going through downtown. Time specific, tangible measures include re-opening the option of limiting the hours when trucks can travel through downtown.  

“I’m not going to pretend that I can find an overnight solution to this 50 year issue. But what I can do is use my advocacy experience to spearhead an aggressive PR campaign to pressure the city into taking immediate action,” said Fortin LeFaivre.

Tools and tactics to be used in Fortin LeFaivre’s campaign include cause marketing ribbons. “The ribbons are a cost effective way for many thousands of residents, in the ward and across the city, who want the heavy trucks gone, to participate and show their support,” said Fortin LeFaivre.

The would-be councillor is also planning to adapt lawn signs used in Toronto to promote safe streets for her campaign.  The white signs, featuring the profile of a child’s head in black, are used there to reduce speeding on residential streets.  As well, a social media campaign will be implemented and Ottawa residents will be asked to participate in a video telling politicians “No more trucks!”   

Other immediate measures Fortin LeFaivre wants implemented if elected are concrete barriers at key intersections along the truck route to protect pedestrians and cyclists from the 18 wheel trucks, and police officers directing the heavy trucks through the intersections. 

“If Costco on Innes Road can hire police officers to move traffic out of their parking lot, the city can hire them to protect residents from being seriously hurt or killed,” said Fortin LeFaivre.                                      

While acknowledging the ongoing tunnel feasibility study as encouraging, Fortin LeFaivre said until it can be evaluated and a concrete solution to the truck problem is in place, she would maintain and introduce new elements to her advocacy campaign.


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