Lisa Raitt: My plan for health care

Lisa Raitt: My plan for health care
Posted on February 20, 2017 | Lisa Raitt | Written on February 18, 2017
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I recently announced my health care plan, which will target areas that are being neglected by the Liberal government and that will protect some of Canada’s most vulnerable citizens.

You can read more about my plan here.

My plan is built around four pillars:

1) A Canadian Autism Partnership working with provinces to address key issues such as information sharing and research, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, while supporting families living with autism.

2) A National Dementia Strategy based on the recommendations of the Senate’s Dementia/Alzheimer’s report from last fall supported with steady, reliable federal funding.

3) Tackling the challenge of Rare Diseases by investing in early diagnosis, access to treatment and research for those suffering from rare disorders – an astonishing 1 in 12 Canadians – impacting 3 million families.

4) Driving Efficiency and Innovation – The Government of Canada cannot write blank cheques or continue to deliver health care funding as it has in the past. We will be relentlessly focused on every opportunity to innovate and find efficiencies that allow for re-investment in key priorities.

I know what it’s like for families sitting around the kitchen table concerned about whether their family will fall through the cracks. I’ve been there.

I’ve also been at the boardroom table and the Cabinet table when tough decisions about funding and ensuring effective implementation were being made. I know that I can deliver on these pillars.

Canadians deserve more than they are getting from this government when it comes to health care. If you support my health care plan, please join my team, and share this message with someone who believes that we can do better on heath care.

Thank you,

Lisa Raitt

PS -- To make this a reality for all Canadians, we need to achieve Victory in 2019. You can be a part of that by joining the thousands of Canadians who have signed up for a membership to support my bid for leadership!

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