Véronique Soucy unveils her priorities for Ottawa-Vanier

Véronique Soucy unveils her priorities for Ottawa-Vanier
Posted on January 10, 2017 | Unpublished Admin | Written on January 9, 2017
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Author's Note:

A Voice for Progress

Ottawa, Ontario – Véronique Soucy, official candidate for the federal Liberal nomination in Ottawa-Vanier, represents the voice of progress. A woman of heart and action, Véronique’s goal is to deliver concrete and lasting results for her fellow citizens. « Having spent over 15 years covering and analyzing political, cultural and economic news in the National Capital Area, I am now ready to serve in another capacity and to actively engage in politics to serve and defend the interests of all residents of Ottawa-Vanier. My priorities will be yours, based on our community’s needs and issues. »

Economic Development :                                                    

  • To work in partnership with all key actors in the community to ensure a greater economic balance in Ottawa-Vanier

  • To obtain our fair share of investments in infrastructure, innovation and sustainable job creation

  • To promote our assets in order to stimulate the private investments necessary for the development of a strong economy

  • To obtain the financing of the environmental study linked to the tunnel in Sandy Hill.

Social Development :

  • To obtain more resources to support the social professionals who work with the most vulnerable citizens

  • To contribute to the development of a national strategy to improve the quality of life of seniors

  • To encourage all measures supporting diversity and integration

  • To promote and encourage the growth of the official language minority groups and contribute to the implementation of concrete measures such as having an officially bilingual National Capital.

Youth, our next generation, our future:

  • To work with established institutions and the private sector on incentives which will provide fair access to post-secondary education, hands-on work experience and in demand jobs

  • To strive for the improvement of the well-being of families and the less fortunate.

« Ottawa-Vanier is a warm and vibrant community with tremendous potential. As a businesswoman and an active member of my community, I have the experience and the energy to bring important files forward. I want to make Ottawa-Vanier the DESTINATION of choice for living, working, and having fun. »

Véronique graduated from Ottawa University and lives in Sandy Hill with her husband and two children.


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