OTTAWA RIVER ACTION PLAN: 7 years, 150 million and Quebec Has done nothing

OTTAWA RIVER ACTION PLAN: 7 years, 150 million and Quebec Has done nothing
Posted on September 11, 2014 | Guy Annable | Written on September 11, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Our River Action Plan in Ottawa has spent 150 million over 7 years with another 195 million to be spent to complete the Project and 7 years ago Quebec Promised to install 29 monitoring devices to measure the flow of combined storm water run off.....and HAS FAILED TO INSTALL 1 device after 7 years.

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Dear Rick Gibbons, 2nd interview request I was hoping you would remember your comments to me on Air from May 21st after you interviewed Ottawa City Councillors Councillors Rainer Bloess and Bob Monette on the municipal Panel regarding the O.R.A.P. OTTAWA RIVER ACTION PLAN plan and the next phase of "Jimmy Inc. spending 195 million more Tax dollars to construct a series of holding tanks to collect and hold for treatment the combined storm and sewage that flows from our downtown sewer system when heavy rains occur. You indicated in that interview that i made some very good points from the brief discussion you had with Ranier and Bob and asked me to send along additional information on my research. Which i did ( CLIP ATTACHED) In that research i confirmed from the Ottawa River Keeper Website that after 7 years of Ottawa projects in managing combined storm waste water totaling over 150 million dollars and better lock management when it rained that Ottawa has achieved a 80% reduction in the run of of contaminants. ( Bob Monette Quoted in your interview) . Quebec Has failed to fulfill a simple promise to install 29 monitoring devices on any of their outflow point on the Quebec Side AS PROMISED 7 years ago. i suggested in our last email exchange that a great interview could take place between you and the mayor Of Gatineau on this simple promise and the inaction of Gatineau over a 7 year period While Ottawa has spent 150 million in the same period. Please do not take me the wrong way, i am a strong advocate of cleaning up the River, however, if Quebec has done nothing in 7 years , and we forge ahead with another 195 million in Combined tax dollars to attempt to clean up the river, how is this investment justified when our Partner and stakeholder in the same goal has failed to install the simplest of measures to even monitor their Combined Storm water run off. I again bring to your attention the Clip that was attached and my Call in after the municipal panel back in May.. I would hope with the recent announcement of the moving forward with the storm water collection system as a Election Issue that you would bring this simple point to Light about Quebec's inaction over a 7 year period and our continued investment while Quebec lies idle on this important ecological project. The Ottawa River Runs through where we live and there is 2 jurisdictions responsible for cleaning it up, If we spend 400 million Dollars on the Ontario Side and Quebec continues to do nothing, what is the return on our investment, they are mutual stakeholders and should be brought to bear for their inaction. So in essence, if they continue to do nothing, We might as well just throw our tax dollars down the river....... i hope to be able to discuss this on your show and bring the OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER INTO FOCUS on this important issue for all residents on both sides of the river and FOR YOUR LISTENERS © 2014 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers Bell Mail Help © Bell Canada 2013 English (United States)

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