Hydraulic fracturing: Nova Scotia believes in "public accountability and transparency.” -Ottawa does not!

Hydraulic fracturing: Nova Scotia believes in "public accountability and transparency.” -Ottawa does not!
Posted on September 6, 2014 | Joe Hueglin | Written on September 6, 2014
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Author's Note:

Part of continuing action offering Canadians this reasoned, practical alternative - a national political party with policies directed at progress with care.

Nova Scotia Energy Minister Andrew Younger in announcing "There will be no fracking in Nova Scotia." stated that "To my mind the legislation is the essence of public accountability and transparency.” Legislation responding to the the Wheeler Commission Report that "concluded the province wasn’t able to make fully informed decisions for or against the development of unconventional gas and oil resources by hydraulic fracturing without further research. " (1)

Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver reacted negatively to Nova Scotian action: "“Fracking has been going on in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan for over 50 years,” “So the record is long, it’s clear, it’s unambiguous and it’s unblemished.” (2)

Oliver's reaction ignores the Wheeler admonition for caution and these conclusions of a study funded by his government (3), "Overall, the Panel found that well-targeted science is required to ensure a better understanding of the environmental impacts of shale gas development.Currently, data about environmental impacts are neither sufficient nor conclusive." "Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada." (4)

Oliver's references are to the type of hydralic fracturing of 50 years ago, not to that of to-day of which Columbia University Earth Institute writes "The effects are so far known mainly through a smattering of incomplete research and sometimes uncertain anecdotes. " “It’s important to get the data, so everyone can consider this objectively,”.(5) (6)

The Canadian Government is in gross error attacking the Nova Scotian Government for acting to ensure "public accountability and transparency”.

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