Green Party backs NCC decision to locate Ottawa Civic Hospital along LRT route

Green Party backs NCC decision to locate Ottawa Civic Hospital along LRT route
Posted on December 8, 2016 | Green Party of Ontario | Written on December 8, 2016
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Author's Note:


(Ottawa): Unfortunately, Ottawa-area Liberal MPPs are opposed to the National Capital Commission's (NCC) decision to locate the new Civic Hospital campus at Tunney's Pasture. 
In contrast, the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) supports the NCC's decision to locate it along Ottawa's new LRT line for the following reasons:
  1. The LRT will provide an alternative means of transportation to driving for visitors and day patients to the Civic Hospital, reducing the cost to people who would normally drive and park onsite;
  2. Using public transit instead of driving will reduce vehicle traffic around the new Civic campus, making it easier for emergency vehicles to access the hospital, especially at peak traffic times;
  3. Tunney's Pasture is also located along the Parkway and current Transit Way, a direct path downtown from the west end that emergency vehicles can access anytime. It is also located just off of Scott Street, a four-lane road coming straight out of the downtown core. The Green Party anticipates and recommends the NCC and City of Ottawa will ensure a direct route for emergency vehicles is in place by the time the new hospital opens;
  4. Developing it on a brownfield rather than on prime farmland will allow the Experimental Farm to continue to serve Canadians and provide food to local food banks


"It makes no sense to locate the new Civic Hospital on the 'Farm' when a brown-site is available along the new LRT route. The NCC got it right."
-- James O’Grady, Nepean
“Reducing traffic congestion around the hospital will make it easier for emergency vehicles to access the hospital. Locating the hospital on the LRT line will make it easier for people to access the hospital. The Liberals are wrong-headed and off-base not to see the benefits of the Tunney’s Pasture location.”
-- Mike Schreiner, GPO leader
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James O’Grady, Nepean

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