Meet “Unity for the Climate” unicyclist on Parliament Hill, Sept 15, 2014, 12pm

Meet “Unity for the Climate” unicyclist on Parliament Hill, Sept 15, 2014, 12pm
Posted on August 31, 2014 | Liz Couture | Written on August 31, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

After joining the ClimateFast activist group, I become aware of a unicyclist riding across Canada. How unique, how amazing. Now that I've met him, I admire him even more. Just wanted to share his story.

Meet “Unity for the Climate” unicyclist on Parliament Hill, on Sept 15, 2014 at 12:00 noon.

Joseph Boutilier has been on his unicycle since April 2014, starting out in Victoria, B.C., and on his way to the first day of the fall parliamentary session on September 15th, 2014.

People are invited to meet Joseph and support his efforts for bringing awareness to the much needed issues of climate change action. The timing is especially relevant since the biggest climate action march is anticipated on September 21st, starting from New York, and incorporating Parliament Hill (once again, because we are “HUNGRY FOR CLIMATE LEADERSHIP” in Canada, as per the tagline of the international ClimateFast group).

When I heard about Joseph and then went to his website, I knew that the least I could do was billet him here in Richmond Hill for a night, and we arranged a nice group photo with a local networking group called Connecting the Community. Richmond Hill has an award-winning program called “Greening the Hill” and I’m sure that Joseph has some fervent new supporters because of it.

On his journey, this courageous and committed young man hasn’t always had a comfortable bed and warm food along the way. On Thursday, Aug 28th, Joseph presented a slideshow from his experiences and explained some of the difficulties along the way. He’s had to fend off bears, was slowed down and detoured by muddy terrain in flood-ravaged areas in the prairies, and just kept going, despite the drivers giving him rude finger signals and blaring horns. He also shared with us, some amazing stories of generosity of people he has met along the way, for example when he had two flat tires in a row, and a couple drove for two hours to get the Canadian Tire just about to close for the day.

Sharing the efforts of Joseph Boutilier, a games software developer who saved his earnings for 2 years in order to do this trip from the far west side of Canada, has been my honour. Although he has made the front page of newspapers in some cases, and although he has been interviewed by CBC Radio, he probably could sure use some more attention to attract some more donations (and LIKES to his facebook page!) for his efforts. His contact information is at:

Twitter: @JosephBoutilier Hashtag: #uniT4theclimate
Facebook Event for Sept 15th (PLEASE JOIN HIM IF YOU CAN!!):!/events/347730315379420/

More information about ClimateFast:
(note the list of MPs in bottom right corner who have signed the pledge – yay!)
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