Will you endorse these four propositions from the Greenspace Alliance?

Will you endorse these four propositions from the Greenspace Alliance?
Posted on August 30, 2014 | Erwin Dreessen | Written on August 30, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This is a "last call" for groups and individuals to join the ten groups and over 80 individuals who are endorsing the letter that will go to all candidates in the Ottawa municipal election after nominations close on September 12.

Hello Friends,

Sincere thanks to the many who have responded already to our call for endorsement of the four propositions we are putting to all candidates for Council in the upcoming municipal election. Ten groups have signed on so far as well as over 80 individuals from almost every Ward (the exception is Ward 19 -- Rebecca D. and Kevin P. I'm looking at you!)

The FCA Executive felt they could not sign without a canvass of the membership. We would especially encourage community associations to join Heron Park and Woodroffe North!

The current draft of the letter is attached. To add your endorsement, please let me know by September 5 at the latest:

+ groups: name, position, and name of group;

+ individuals: name, and ward number or name.

When the letters go out, we'll also have a media release and a web page will be up where responses will be reported. In early October we'll have advertisements in seven community papers.

Thank you all for your consideration and support.

Erwin Dreessen,
Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital

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