Our future depends on your vote

Our future depends on your vote
Posted on June 12, 2014 | Scott Gorry | Written on June 12, 2014
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Over the last year and half I have been side by side with Rob Dekker the PC Party of Ontario candidate in Ottawa Centre. When he approached me to be his Campaign Manager, at first I was flattered but thought no way, this is not a fight I want to get into. Over time, I saw Rob working on a multitude of projects in the community through his role as Co-Chair of the Centretown Citizens Community Association (CCCA)

Rob’s passion for his community and his true desire to see a better community for all who live in Ottawa Centre changed my mind. I’m a fireclay ideological conservative, I have worked with and help many candidates get elected to office; but I have not seen someone who pours as much heart and soul into winning a campaign as Rob Dekker has over the last year and half.

This is my plea to the voters of Ottawa Centre, Yasir Naqvi is a likeable politician there is no doubt about that, but he was in the inner circle of the McGuinty/Wynne government that is now embroiled in a criminal investigation over the Gas Plants closures. The Ontario Liberals have wasted billions of our tax dollars on one scandal and boondoggle after another, and the NDP are no better; Andrea Horwath allowed this corrupt government to stand by supporting confidence votes after confidence votes – the Liberal/NDP Coalition have driven our province to the brink of bankruptcy; do they really deserve another chance to form government?

The other point I want to make is this, while we’ve been campaigning people have come to us and voiced their concerns over the proposal to cut 100, 0000 positions, people are concerned that this will affect healthcare and education and front line law enforcement. Let me be clear, crystal clear, the proposal is not to cut front line nurses or law enforcement, yes there will be less teachers but the fact is the enrollment in schools is down in Ontario. But let me be even clearer, if you re-elect the Liberal/NDP Coalition and the Ontario Pension Plan is created our private sector will lose 150,000 jobs.

Furthermore, please take a moment and think about this, how can a party who is proposing to spend also pay down debt and balance the books? Economics simply does not work that way, the Liberals have been telling our province for years they will balance the budget and they have failed every time – it is time for change and the only party that has a chance at balancing the budget and bringing Ontario back to a have-province is the PC Party.

Rob Dekker has worked hard for your vote, he has door knocked in the heat and in the cold to get your vote and to build your trust. Being a “good MPP” is more than showing up for the picture, it’s being honest with your constituents and standing up for them, it’s about cultivating relationships and building bridges but most importantly it’s about delivering, and taking a stand. Yasir Naqvi has only stood for lies, corruption and waste – he is not a “good MPP’ as he likes to proclaim.

When you vote today, please vote for Rob Dekker in Ottawa Centre, our community deserves a “good MPP”

Scott Gorry is the Campaign Manager for Rob Dekker

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