Second Ottawa West-Nepean Voter Receives PC Vote Suppression Letter

Second Ottawa West-Nepean Voter Receives PC Vote Suppression Letter
Posted on June 11, 2014 | Ontario Liberal Party | Written on June 11, 2014
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A second Ottawa West-Nepean resident has come forward after receiving a PC Party letter that told her to vote at the wrong location – after she told the local PC campaign she was not a Conservative supporter.
Ms. Brigitte Zirger was contacted by Randall Denley’s PC campaign in May and said she would not be supporting Denley’s campaign.
"I am disappointed to have received a letter directing us to the wrong polling station after having told Randall Denley's campaign that I would not be supporting him in this election.  It makes me wonder about the PC Party's ethics,” said Zirger.
All of the voters who have come forward so far said they aren’t voting PC, raising troubling questions about whether the Conservative mail campaign is targeting non-conservative voters in an effort to keep them away from voting on Election Day.
The letter cites a polling station at St. Paul’s High School, which is more than a kilometre away from Zirger’s actual polling station at St. John the Apostle School.
The new letter is virtually identical to other misdirecting PC letters sent to London and Ottawa residents.  All the letters appear to have been routed through the same Toronto postal centre.
Contrary to Tim Hudak’s claim that “the materials had the PC party on them,” this letter had no PC markings. (source: CP24, June 10)

Ontario Liberals are still waiting for answers from Tim Hudak and have launched a new hotline to help voters report election fraud.  Voters who are subjected to fraudulent calls and misleading information can phone 1-647-341-6754 for assistance.


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Where's the proof that this letter even came from the pc's? Could have been a liberal supporter sending these letter just to get people mad at the PC party

This started last night and there have been a number of releases from the Ontario Liberal Party on this issue in the last 36 hrs. This is the second letter that has been published on about this issue. The first can be found at:

Here's some more on it from

The PC leader rejected Liberal accusations that the Tories tried to suppress the vote in at least two ridings, in Ottawa and London, with letters directing people to the wrong polling stations. The party sends out tens of thousands of letters to try and make sure their supporters actually go to the polls, said Hudak.

"We send out letters to people that we hope are going to vote for the PC party, and honest mistakes are made when we sometimes don't have the right polling information," he said. "Our candidates have apologized for that clerical error."

Tory officials said the PC candidates in both ridings were also hand-delivering notices to make sure voters get the right information about where their polling stations are actually located.

The Liberals claimed the original notices were not on PC letterhead, but Hudak said the party's logo was on the outside of the envelopes and they were clearly branded.

The letter the Liberals provided above as evidence, does not have any PC branding on it. Click on the picture to make it larger for viewing. We have also added a picture of the envelope the letter came in, to the announcement above. A link to a PDF of the full letter and envelope is also provided just below the letter.

Yvonne - in a close election, it makes no sense for the Liberals to diminish their own voting block. You are better off if you claimed that the NDP or the Greens were sending out these letters of misdirection.