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  Letter in Winnipeg Free Press (with footnotes to editor)Re:  Ottawa posts deficit in October as fiscal-year shortfall hits $9.3 billion,  Jordan Press,  12/... more
December 28, 2016
Alan Greenspan
Getting public consultation right continues to frustrate governing bodies in Ottawa no matter who it is that is conducting the public consultation. Whether it’... more
Ottawa Civic Hospital at Central Experimental Farm
Civic Hospital
John Baird
Experimental Farm
City of Ottawa
Federal Government of Canada
Province of Ontario
Letter in  Vancouver Sun [Vancouver, B.C] 26 Nov 2016 (with footnotes to editor)     Re:  Liberals borrowing to keep the lights on, John Ivison | November 16,... more
deficit spending
government borrowing
public debt
The Editor (Letters to the Editor) Ottawa Citizen Dear Editor: This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Community Bus Pass in Ottawa, which was brought in... more
public transit
Ottawa City Council
low income
bus pass
OC Transpo
Letter in The Province [Vancouver, B.C] 07 Nov 2016 (with footnotes to editor)Re:  It’s absurd, but Liberals will likely get away with racking up whopping ... more
November 7, 2016
generational equity infrastructure
balanced budgets
Letter in Vancouver Sun with footnotes to editor:   Re: Momentum builds for state-funded Canadian infrastructure bank, Greg Quinn and David Scanlan, October 13... more
October 17, 2016
Canadian infrastructure bank
fiscal crisis
Letter in The Guardian (P.E.I., Canada) with footnotes Re:  Feds monitoring weak... more
September 29, 2016
Extraordinary Financing Framework
Bank of Canada
The Editor (Letters to the Editor) Ottawa Citizen   Dear Editor:   Columnist Randall Denley raises the question of how the new Ottawa Civic Hospital, once it... more
Ottawa Civic Hospital
Municipal taxes. property taxes
Ottawa City Council
Letter in National Post Sept. 27 (with footnotes to Editor) Re:  Justin Trudeau’s UN address... more
September 27, 2016
Sam Routley’s recent article falls far short of a balanced effort to consider ways that Canada might preserve local representation while also increasing the... more
FairVote Canada
Fair Vote Canada
electoral reform
Electoral System
proportional representation
Jobs No. 1 Re: Let’s Not Play Inflationary Game Again, Andrew Coyne, Aug. 30 During 25 years of inflation targeting, per capita growth in Canadian gross... more
Bank of Canada
monetary policy
fiscal policy
Job Guarantee
Re:  Canadians think guaranteed income good, but too expensive and it makes people lazy: survey, Tristin Hopper,  Aug 15, 2016 A guaranteed income would... more
Job Guarantee
basic income
Environment protection
Abdirahman Abdi, a Somali man with autism, died Monday after an altercation with Ottawa police officers in front of his appartment building on Sunday. After a... more
Abdirahman Abdi death
Ottawa police
sexual assault
Violence Against Women
police violence
I am surprised that anyone would run for public life at the federal level, especially as they and their family are always under a microscope.  Taxpayers... more
Justin Trudeau
Canadian politics
In response to the CBC Power & Politics' Ballot Box question, "How big should the deficit be?", 77% responded "whatever is needed".  These voters... more
deficit spending
Bank of Canada
debt-to-GDP ratio
balanced budgets
sovereign currency