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Tefficient, a European-based consultancy on the wireless market, released its latest report this morning comparing pricing and usage in the global wireless... more
Canada's most populous province has launched a sweeping review of a law protecting endangered species in order to find "efficiencies for businesses." Ontario... more
Definition of Whistleblower: Guardian of the Public Trust.  Proposed legislation for Greece - A black and white law to protect any person exposing waste, fraud... more
Dr Shiv Chopra
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Food safety
Corrupt to the Core
How people think about political leaders has to do with a lot of factors, well beyond their policy positions. Voters develop a sense of what kind of person... more
December 30, 2018
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am wondering if Doug Ford understands how this famous phrase relates to his role as premier. The premier denies that the... more
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce says the business community in Canada is solidly backing carbon pricing as the way for it to "play its part in the fight... more
By Anonymous
December 18, 2018
As Ontario turns its back on hundreds of renewable energy contracts, the province at the heart of Canada's oilpatch appears to be going in a different... more
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Energy Sector
OTTAWA – Democracy Watch released the letter it sent today to Ontario Integrity Commissioner David Wake calling on him to rule on the legality of Premier Ford’... more
The toxic waste of the Canadian oilpatch has been quietly spreading in the boreal forest since bitumen mining began near Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta in... more
“The Premier is breaking his campaign promise to be transparent by concealing basic information about the company contracted to operate cannabis storage and... more
Green Party of Ontario
Mike Schreiner
“It is unacceptable that raw sewage continues to flow into our lakes and rivers. It’s simply disgusting that the government is allowing our lakes and rivers to... more
Clean Water
Green Party of Ontario
The Canadian government’s strong pro-net neutrality position has served as its telecom policy foundation with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other... more
net neutrality
Re: Wolf is truly at provinces' doors, Andrew Coyne, Sept. 29 When the First World War began, Europe was on the gold standard and experts predicted fighting... more
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gold standard
Today, as Bill C-76 heads back to the House of Commons from the House Procedure Affairs Committee, Democracy Watch called on MPs, among other key changes to... more
Bill C-76
DEAR EDITOR: I am writing in response to councillor and candidate Dawn Quinn’s comments during the municipal all-candidates debate, held on Oct. 4, when asked... more
Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Police