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Read about Rob Ford's Former rival, a political candidate, accusing him of sexual assault, then the unfortunate #AskTrudeau event where politics was sold as a... more
Sent via E-mail and Canada Post Hon. Julian Fantino Minister of Veterans Affairs House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P4 Minister Fantino, After accepting the... more
Bomber Command Bar
Minister of Veterans Affairs
Julian Fantino
Federal Government
Hello Mayor Watson and Mr. Hubley,   I am writing because I have grown increasingly concerned about the lack of a considered and humane wildlife policy in... more
Wildlife policy
City of Ottawa Wildlife policy
Jim Watson
Councillor Hubley
City of Ottawa
living with wildlife
Killing of wayward wildlife in Ottawa
Killing wildlife in cities
Animal torture
Animal abuse
Dear Councillor Chiarelli, I am writing to express my extreme dismay at the unnecessary killing of the elk earlier this fall in downtown Ottawa. With a new... more
Killing of wayward wildlife in Ottawa. Wildlife
City of Ottawa Wildlife policy
NCC wildlife policy
Killing of wayward wildlife in Ottawa
Rick Chiareli
Dear Councillor Egli, The Ward meeting was quite pleasant. Thanks for doing it at the Sportsplex and even getting the Mayor to talk about "dumps". Most of us... more
Reversible lanes
Prince of Wales expansion
City of Ottawa
Councilor Egli
Prince of Wales Drive
Here is what I sent to my representatives: David McGuinty, MP, Ottawa South - Liberal John Fraser, MPP, Ottawa South - Liberal Maria McRae, Councillor for... more
tar sands
Oil sands
Energy East pipeline
climate change
Economic costs of climate change
Rideau River
Good afternoon Justin, I wrote to you back in April questioning why you still used/drank bottled water especially after you wrote this article back in 2008:... more
Bottled water
Dear Jim Watson, TransCanada has announced plans to convert a gas pipeline to carry up to 1.1 million barrels a day (130 million litres) of Albertan tar sands... more
TransCanada pipeline in Ottawa
Oil sands pipelines
Tar Free 613
Jim Watson
City of Ottawa
Oil sands
tar sands
Dear Sir, I want Bill C-518 passed. I understand that you, John Williamson, a Conservative MP from New Brunswick, have introduced Bill C-518, a private members... more
Bill C-518
MP pensions
John Williamson
Conservative Party of Canada
Senate scandal
Federal Government of Canada
Dear Councillor McRae, In light of a rejection of garbage incineration as a possibility for Ottawa, which reportedly you expressed at last Thursday's... more
Plasma gasification
Plasco Energy Group
Maria McRae
Ottawa City Council
Environment Committee
Waste management
Dear Pierre, I know I have written to you many times on this and will continue to do so. The price of gasoline is getting out of hand. Sure blame it on the... more
Gas prices
Rising gas prices
Pierre Poilievre
Conservative Party of Canada
Mr. Ford,   The Toronto media have really gotten in your face since you were elected, which is  unfortunate for you and the citizens of the Greater Toronto... more
Rob Ford
Jim Watson
Mayor of Ottawa
Toronto Media
Thump! Went my heart when I read on Twitter that my favorite hockey player, the Ottawa Senators' captain Daniel Alfredsson, has opted to sign a 1-year contract... more
Daniel Alfredsson
Ottawa Senators
Detroit Red Wings
Free Agency
Brian Murray
Hi Marianne, You are no doubt aware of plans coming to committee, which propose to limit or even essentially prevent Councillors from doing the job (see below... more
Ottawa City Council Code of Conduct
Municipal elections
City of Ottawa
Dear Mayor Watson and City Councillors, I am strongly opposed to the direction you are taking with respect to the City of Ottawa's Wildlife Strategy. As Mayor... more
City of Ottawa Wildlife policy
Ontario Wildlife Coalition
City of Ottawa
living with wildlife