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Trump’s Punitive Peace Process - Palestinians Pressured to Accept Israeli Terms    (Palestine Absorbed into Israel “Piece by Piece”) In an arrogant bid to... more
Palestine / Israel
CBC Ottawa’s response to my complaint over its botched and slanted August 9 coverage regarding the threat of more residential construction in the Pontiac... more
Thirty-five years and 307 letters to Iowa’s oldest newspaper has taught me a thing or two. My entrance at the turn of the century into the world wide web... more
fake news
Upon recent inauguration as the new Progressive Conservative Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford has promised to lead the first ever true Government of the People.... more
July 19, 2018
This spring Ontarians, rural residents in particular, felt the pinch of high prices at the gas pumps.  Naturally, a provincial election recently concluded... more
June 28, 2018
Ottawa’s main streets are the lifeblood of our communities. It is in these public spaces that we shop, work, and spend time with our families. Unfortunately,... more
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2018 Municipal Election
Old Ottawa South
Capital Ward
So The Wife and I were out for a stroll today and stopped by the Union Street Cafe. While ordering, I asked our barrista about the origin of their street name... more
In March of this year, Special Envoy to Myanmar Bob Rae reported “strong signals that crimes against humanity were committed” against the Rohingya Muslims and... more
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Truth and Reconciliation report
Calls to Action
Baird’s Gold Standard on Saudi Human Rights As Harper’s UN spokesman, John Baird used to say “I refuse to go along to get along”, at least when the slightest... more
Saudi Arabia
Official Israeli Discrimination Enhanced by New Law The Jewish citizens of Israel recently gained an enhanced measure of official dominance over Palestinian... more
Palestine / Israel
Stephen Harper
Benjamin Netanyahu
Middle East
Before Canada can be a leader in international anti-money-laundering, we have to obey the Bank of Canada ACT and stop paying an average of $30 Billion a year... more
Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada ACT
Public Bank
Private Banks
money laundering
After eight years away from City Hall, I returned to watch the debate over the three record heights proposed for buildings close to the new transit stop in... more
City of Ottawa
Ottawa City Council
Clive Doucet
Ottawa Citizen
On June 19, Ottawans woke up to some bad news. Ford had just gutted the GreenON program, the province’s program for helping people save money on energy through... more
climate change
Ottawa City Council
RE: Guardian article 15 June 2018 by Ashifa Kassam: Rob Ford’s brother voted in as Ontario’s populist leader Soft-peddling Doug Ford: Ontario’s Mini-Trump... more
I’m sure Brian Mulroney will appreciate Fen Hampson’s recent Ottawa Citizen article praising Mulroney’s quiet role in the first so-called Gulf War. This is... more
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Gulf War
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Brian Mulroney Institute
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