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RE: Guardian article 15 June 2018 by Ashifa Kassam: Rob Ford’s brother voted in as Ontario’s populist leader Soft-peddling Doug Ford: Ontario’s Mini-Trump... more
I’m sure Brian Mulroney will appreciate Fen Hampson’s recent Ottawa Citizen article praising Mulroney’s quiet role in the first so-called Gulf War. This is... more
political fiction
War in Iraq
Gulf War
Brian Mulroney
Brian Mulroney Institute
George Bush
fake news
St. FX
Fen Hampson
Carleton University
Norman Paterson School of Public Affairs
  Don’t allow Trumpism into Ontario At the time of writing, the Progressive Conservatives and Doug Ford appear to be on fire in Ontario: a 1000-strong showing... more
Donald Trump
Doug Ford
Ontario PC Party in need of sex education During the recent leadership contest of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, the sex-education curriculum... more
March 22, 2018
Who will commemorate the Nakba in Canada? BRIAR PATCH – BLOG by Morgan Duchesney   May 14, 2018 This week marks the anniversary of conflicting narratives:... more
Palestine / Israel
April fool’s Day – Catholic Style I’m doubt if religious bureaucrats are better qualified than so-called laypeople to offer philosophical commentary based on... more
religious pablum
Archbishop Terrence Prendergast
First Nations
Pope Francis
Roman Catholic Church
WHY WE NEED A TAX ON CARBON EMISSIONS Many, if not all of you, have gone into a bookstore and seen the series of books entitled “The Dummy's Guide to this,... more
Post Media’s John Robson on Jerusalem: Anti-Semitic Accusations and Mythology Columnist and history lecturer John Robson recently flung generalized accusations... more
David Suzuki is calling for political and economic revolution. The acclaimed scientist, broadcaster, and Great Canadian has seen it all. But he’s disillusioned... more
David Suzuki
National Observer
Justin Trudeau
Andrew Weaver
climate change
AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER Dear Prime Minister,  If I may I would like to give you a brief lesson in arithmetic then go on to demonstrate why this... more
social collapse
exponential growth
Justin Trudeau
climate change
Will there be room for bikes on Ottawa’s new $2.1-billion LRT system? At last Wednesday’s Transit Commission meeting, staff recommended that bikes be banned... more
February 26, 2018
Cycling in Ottawa
While Ecumenical Patriarchate was preparing to start a discussion of prospects of having a representation in Kyiv, Ukrainian government gave up monitoring the... more
Ecumenical Patriarchate
Metropolitan Epiphany
Archbishop Yevstratiy
Patriarch Filaret
Patriarch Kirill
Patriarch Bartholomew
This week’s developments on the light-rail transit file have left me pondering questions about core roles and responsibilities in our democratic system. Much... more
City of Ottawa
Mayor Jim Watson
2018 Municipal Budget
Tobi Nussbaum
Congratulations to the parents and students who championed a public high school in Stittsville. The school is long overdue. Teens spending their time being... more
health canada
Land Use Planning Reform: Is Ottawa Ready? by Erwin Dreessen The Province is heralding a new era in the way land use planning is to be done in Ontario. Bill 73... more