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Re: Justin Trudeau’s message to world: Let government spending do the work, Josh Wingrove, March 3, 2016 Prime Minister Trudeau is correct to set an example... more
fiscal policy
Tony Benn
In what appeared to be a desperate attempt to cover up his benching of Mike Hoffman in the 3rd period of Saturday night's Leafs game, Sens coach Dave Cameron... more
Ottawa Senators
NHL Playoffs
Mike Hoffman
Dave Cameron
Zack Smith
Mika Zibanejad
Scott Gomez
An estimated 2/3 of poverty could be eliminated simply by offering jobs, even at a minimum livable wage, to those willing to work. Yet the creation of jobs is... more
Job Guarantee
Income inequality
Re: How profligate borrowing became Canada’s national pastime, Philip Cross, March 1, 2016 Ever increasing private debt is unsustainable as was demonstrated... more
private debt
public debt
Bank of Canada
Please find attached the Federation of Citizens' Associations' submission regarding the proposed Urban Forest Management Plan.  We will be pleased to work... more
Urban Forest Management Plan
City of Ottawa policy
City of Ottawa
Forestry department
climate change
City of Ottawa Climate Change plan 2014
Public consultation
Federation of Citizens Associations of Ottawa
Council priorities
Re: The federal government's short-lived fiscal anchor, Feb. 26 Unlike households, businesses or provinces, the federal government is a currency issuer, owns a... more
deficit spending
debt-to-GDP ratio
fiscal anchor
gold standard
full employment
currency issuer
real resources
gold standard
Canadian government policy
I am responding to the Ontario Ministry of Education new proposed regulations under the Child Care and Early Years Act ( more
March 2, 2016
child care childcare childcare regulations
Re:  Editorial: Liberals double down on debt,  Calgary Herald Editorial Board, February 23, 2016 The assertion that federal deficits today necessarily means... more
deficit spending
Canadian government policy
Bank of Canada
Re: Bank of Canada deputy governor raises red flag on rising household debt, but says system is ‘resilient’, Gordon Isfeld | Feb. 24, 2016 Let us connect the... more
February 26, 2016
Bank of Canada
deficit spending
household debt
As someone who has served in the Canadian Army, worked for the Defence Research Board, and followed Canadian defence policy and practice for many years, I am... more
Air Strikes
Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian defence policy
Middle East
Islamic State
Saudi Arabia
military training
Korean War
Harjit Singh Sajjan
US military
Early Citizen Engagement - A Remedy for Defeatism The sentiment “something is better than nothing” is familiar yet damaging.  It has created perpetual public... more
LeBreton Flats
LeBreton Flats redevelopment
Citizen engagement
Federal politics
The replacement of home delivery with a community mailbox has been met with much opposition. Too many people believe that the current government's “promise” to... more
The following was my comment to the online forum at the Citizen web site in response to the Citizen editorial "Ah, first past the post, how lovely you are!"... more
first past the post
electoral reform
proportional representation
Ottawa Citizen
Citizen editorials
The video was published on Oct 14, 2015 and is found at this YouTube site. Please watch CPS Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, tell you truths about Child... more
BC child welfare
Carlos Morales
Child Protection Services
Legally Kidnapped
Ministry of Children and Family Development
At the Council meeting on Wednesday, I tabled a motion asking that Council freeze transit fares for 2016. Instead of increasing fares by 2.5 percent, I... more
OC Transpo fares
City of Ottawa
Budget 2016
Ottawa City Council
Tobi Nussbaum
City of Ottawa policy