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Court green lights and certifies Crown Ward Class Action against the Province of Ontario. Former Crown wards who were in foster care, foster homes and while in... more
Ontario human rights commission
Ontario College of Social Work
Tammy Law's delusional thoughts, excuses, rationalizations and justifications for using the Motherisk test to justify denying parents due process and... more
Children's Aid Society
Watch, "Meet Michael Crystal former lawyer for the accused CAS hacker Kelley Denham."   AS OF MAR. 21, 2018 IN ONTARIO'S ALLEGED CAS HACKER CASE THE... more
Ontario Justice
Perth Ontario Courts
It’s been over two years since I spent nearly two hours being interrogated by my arresting officer. This after spending some time in a holding cell. I remained... more
Smiths Falls Police
Smiths Falls
Alleged Ontario CAS hack class action lawsuit
UNPRECEDENTED HACK: TRIAL UPDATE: 18/08/21 Kelley's trial confirmation hearing yesterday was adjourned till next Tuesday to hear an application for a trial... more
Alleged Ontario CAS hack class action lawsuit
In the first of series of posts on the 24 election races that will be decided on October 22nd.   I looked at races in Orleans, College, Beacon Hill-Cyrville,... more
2018 Municipal Election
Ottawa 2018 Elections
Innes ward
Barrhaven Ward
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Stittsville Ward
Nominations have closed across Ontario for Municipal Elections on October 22nd.  In Ottawa there were a few more names added to the list of candidates vying to... more
Ottawa 2018 Elections
Conservative political pundit and talk show host Tasha Kheiriddin stated in a CBC social media live chat this evening, that she believes the move by Premier... more
Doug Ford
Ontario PC
Tasha Kheiriddin
Subjective testing, confirmation bias and the innocent being judged on a prima facie basis along with the guilty? Sounds like a child protection investigation... more
Motherisk report
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Fundamental Justice
Justice for the Motherisk Victims
It wasn’t too long ago that I knew the cheapest way to get anywhere from Ottawa to Toronto. I knew which transit companies had student fares, which had youth... more
Alleged Ontario CAS hack class action lawsuit
Smiths Falls Police
Smiths Falls
The parents who were tested were powerless to resist as their rights were ripped out by the roots along with their children.   While Ontario officials divert... more
Motherisk report
I have a view of an intersection, which is used by pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, motorcyclists, cars and trucks and the odd tour bus.  Normally it runs... more
strategic voting
A town divided, a family in peril with the child protection industry on the brink of exposure a working mother of four young children is denied legal aid and... more
Smiths Falls Police
Imagine it is 2030 and over the past decade the Château Laurier addition has been derided not only for its misunderstanding of architecture, but for the City’s... more
Chateau Laurier
During the Lebanese 'Civil' War, Israel raided my father's village so that they can imprison all the young and able men. My uncle was the last of the brothers... more
Palestine / Israel
Arab-Israeli Conflict
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