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Equality in Transit has come to a cross road with the #ParaParity campaign. Riders using Para Transpo are starting to speak up. Simple, we had enough! The... more
Para Transpo OC Transpo #ParaParity City of Ottawa
Garnering support of this important issue in any and every way possible. Thank you for copying and pasting to your connections. Dear Para Transpo riders and... more
Para Transpo OC Transpo #ParaParity
Para Transpo in Ward 5 is an issue I have had firsthand experience with.  My father has been disabled for over 10 years and for the first 7 plus of those he... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
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Para Transpo
Equality of Service
Imagine if you couldn't get reliable transportation to work, appointments and other obligations. Imagine if your options for participating in the community... more