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    Re: No, a ‘universal basic income’ won’t lift Canadians out of poverty. Here’s why,     Heather Scoffield, Jan. 28, 2021               Rather than... more
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    Re: The job market has a treacherous recovery ahead. ‘My biggest worry is for young people,’ says Canada’s employment minister, Heather Scoffield, Dec. 17... more
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     Re:  Chrystia Freeland wants to spend more — lots more, Heather Scoffield, Oct. 28, 2020         The "fiscal" anchor of a sovereign country should be... more
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  Letter in National Post,  May 8, 2018Re:  John Ivison: Left-of-centre Liberals leave Singh's NDP struggling for relevance, May 3, 2018 In his 1971... more
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Re:  Canadians think guaranteed income good, but too expensive and it makes people lazy: survey, Tristin Hopper,  Aug 15, 2016 A guaranteed income would... more
Job Guarantee
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An estimated 2/3 of poverty could be eliminated simply by offering jobs, even at a minimum livable wage, to those willing to work. Yet the creation of jobs is... more
Job Guarantee
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