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I received a call today from a Canadian victim of the “Canadian Pension Collapse”.  You have never heard of the Canadian Pension Collapse because it is done in... more
By elford
October 4, 2018
What scares me is how easy it is to rig investment systems. Your retirement, your family's security, and your grandchildren's prosperity is being cheated, by... more
larry elford
Banks and investment broker-dealers in Canada and the US are playing a perfect game of Bait and Switch with your life savings.  Here's how that works. You walk... more
financial murder
larry elford
fraud investigator
Investment advisor deception
"As one commentator to the SEC staff’s study noted, “If the product sold is that of advice, then that advice should be in the best interest of the client.... more
larry elford
Investment advisor deception
Breach of trust
THIRD WORLD SECURITIES COMMISSIONS….millions in salaries, paid by industry friends, allow industry to ignore or be exempt from North American law.....yes, even... more
fraudulent concealment