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Dear progressive Canadians, especially those living in Ottawa,  You are invited to attend a panel discussion on the merits of the federal Green Party and NDP... more
Green Party of Canada
Clive Doucet
Elizabeth May
Alex Cullen
Angela Keller-Herzog
Candyrose Freeman
On August 12th, the Leaders’ Debates Commission informed People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier that he would not be invited to the federal party... more
Maxime Bernier
peoples party
Leaders Debates
debates commission
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been roundly condemned by Canadian media, punditry, and political parties since the Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion published... more
mario dion
Ethics Commissioner
Justin Trudeau
snc lavalin
judy wilson-raybould
Jane Philpott
The hashtag #TrudeauMustGo soared to the top of Twitter's trending list in Canada on Tuesday, perhaps giving some observers the impression that Canadians were... more
Liberal Party of Canada
Justin Trudeau
fake news
The year is 2019, and Canada is still selling weapons to the primitive barbarians. “Primitive barbarians” is arguably an appropriate label to describe the... more
Canadian politics
Saudi Arabia
Human Rights
Foreign Policy
It is said that repeating the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.  So, having been caught red-handed in... more
Justin Trudeau
Liberal Party
SNC-Lavalin scandal
Jody Wilson-Raybould
Workplace harrassment
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced plans for a new digital charter for Canadians on Thursday morning in Paris, in a speech that covered the public's... more
Justin Trudeau
Social Media
fake news
Nathan Cullen announces via Twitter that he will not seek to run in the 2019 federal election, and wishes to focus on his private life.