Arab-Israeli Conflict

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by Jacob Tarasofsky It was on my third morning at the Karama Center – a small, makeshift community center in the heart of the West Bank – that Ali took us to... more
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A brief introduction In the history of the Arab Israeli conflict, there are many important events. Some of these events constitute a time at which a decisive... more
Yasser Harrak
Ian Bickerton
Carla Klausner
Charles Freilich
          In his study of the development of modern Palestinian identity and national consciousness, Khalidi structurally supported his book Palestinian... more
Rashid Khalidi
Yasser Harrak
Karen Armstrong's approach in "the Holiness of Jerusalem: Asset or Burden" treating the Jerusalem question is sound and unique. Unbound by the chronology of... more
Karen Armstrong
Yasser Harrak
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Arab-Israeli Conflict
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