2015 Canadian Federal Election


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From: Dianne Varga Sent: November 24, 2015 To: 'stephane.dion@parl.gc.ca' Cc: 'justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca' Subject: Vote at UN on Palestine Importance: High Dear Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion, I recall how a majority of countries at the United Nations... more
Dear fellow New Democrats, I remember the precise moment I knew we were losing the election. It was the beginning of October and I checked in with my mother’s campaign manager to see how they were feeling. They told me a terrible secret. Unfortunately for us... more
The first “to-do” list focussed on changes to policy and legislation brought in under the Harper administration. But the damage was not confined to omnibus laws and brutal ideologically motivated cuts. More subtle damage was done to the principles that... more
  Once Canadians arrive at the correct diagnosis -- that corporate globalization is a cancer – we can then administer the cure, which involves the dismantling of the current system and its component parts, including “trade deals”.  The current political... more
Mark Taliano | November 1, 2015 | Type: Op-Ed
The current trajectories of Canada’s predominant political economies are increasingly dysfunctional, due in no small part to the fact that we have become, in many respects, a petro state, rather than the much vaunted “Energy Superpower” that we were promised... more
Mark Taliano | October 30, 2015 | Type: Published
We need a stock-taking. A “to-do” list. Some of what the Harper administration broke will be easy to fix; much will be very hard indeed. What we must do is insist the damage be reversed. There is an equally long list of steps to take moving forward – but we... more