House swap the solution

House swap the solution
Posted on August 9, 2013 | Lorne Cutler | Written on August 7, 2013
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Ottawa Citizen

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This letter to the editor was published in the Ottawa Citizen this week. If you are interested in swapping your house with someone on Holmwood, please indicate below.

To read the article my letter refers to, please click on the Ottawa Citizen link or the link below my letter.

For those who have to endure not only the legally generated construction noise from the Lansdowne site but the frequent infractions of the special noise bylaw as well, I have a proposal that could solve their problems.

During the Lansdowne approval process, there were numerous supporters of the project who called those who objected nothing more than NIMBYs. Now is the time for those people to step up to the plate and run with the ball. They can offer to house swap with the residents of Holmwood during the construction period. If not enough people come forward, there are several additional municipal politicians who voted in favour of the extended construction hours.

Why do I think that none of these parties will step forward?

Lorne Cutler, Ottawa

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Lorne is the President of the Iona-Hampton Community Association in the Westboro-area of Ottawa. He also serves as the Treasurer for the Federation of Citizens' Associations of Ottawa.


I'll pass on the offer Lorne, but good idea none-the-less! Let's see if you get any takers!

Danny Handelman

If people object to the noise, they have the option of moving to the countryside or a higher-density dwelling unit, as the distance to the construction site.

Lorne Cutler

Are you offering to swap houses with someone on Holmwood? How likely do you think it is that someone selling a house next to Lansdowne during the construction phase is going to get anywhere near the original value of their home. Who wants to willingly live next to a construction site for 2 years, particularly when the bylaw prohibiting overnight construction has been overturned by Council? Or do you just assume that anyone who lives in the Glebe can surely afford a multiple of homes and should just move to one of their alternative residences during the construction phase. The point of my letter was demonstrate that it is easy to call someone a NIMBY but most of those people wouldn't be prepared to show that they would respond any differently. They are in fact worse than a NIMBY because they would quite willingly impose something on someone else that they wouldn't live with themselves.

Jamie Brougham

Those who supported the project and who have any compassion should maybe support a class action suit. City changed the laws to suit the builder to the detriment of the residents. I guess the residents would have to really show how much it hurt. Tough one to measure, but I'm sure no one will offer to take the pain!


Lol...Do you actually think you're making a point here? I wouldn't have swapped houses with you a week ago, a year ago, or ten years ago.

See, I like my house. That's why I bought it. I didn't want to live in an area like yours, so I didn't even look there. My wife and I looked for a place that seemed suitable to our wants and needs. Then, after we moved in, we avoided developing the attitude that now that we're here, any change has to meet our aproval. That would be pretty arrogant of us, wouldn't it?

Now I'm afraid that the builder will begin construction on another segment of the development only three doors down. Do I look forward to it? Absolutely not. But I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, so I accept it. And if you offered to swap houses with me next spring, I'd turn you down. :-)