This is wildlife management?

This is wildlife management?
Posted on October 31, 2013 | Colleen Fraser | Written on October 31, 2013
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Hello Mayor Watson and Mr. Hubley,
I am writing because I have grown increasingly concerned about the lack of a considered and humane wildlife policy in Ottawa. I have been provoked to do this because of yet another incident of cruelty and mindlessness by the city regarding the shooting of the recent poor lost elk. Is the best the Nation’s capital could really do is to have shot this lost elk when all it needed was tranquillizing and relocation?  
Repeated wildlife confrontations due to an absence of understanding, planning and humanity in fast succession have drawn not only local, but also national attention to the complete disregard this city’s administration has for wildlife. The absence of a sensible and sentient city policy continues to be lacking whether it is towards beavers, coyotes, elk or whatever the next unfortunate prey of this city will be. The only consistent aspect is the repeated mismanagement and utter disregard for other creatures with whom we share our lives in this city.
Council needs to be reminded that they were elected to carry out the electorate’s wishes and not to turn the capital into the Wild West. Concerned citizens who know we all benefit living in the presence of other species are angry and embarrassed at the continued misdirection of this council.
I would like to know how you as my mayor and as my representative can help change this misguidedness with which we are now plagued.  Please respond so that I know how you feel about the continuing actions so far taken by the city in harming animals who have needed our help but instead became victims to our aggression and heartlessness. Does the city intend to improve their handling of such issues? If yes, what are their plans to do so? Who is the 24/7 Wildlife Expert the city hired? Where has he been when needed? What is his salary and what duties has he carried out?
What kind of example and encouragement is the city’s repeated killing of animals communicating to whackos such as the local madman who this past summer drove repeatedly metal rods- for sport - through a mother raccoon and her baby? Do not separate these events: the city leadership here has set the tone – wildlife is bothersome, not worth the trouble of helping and is to be killed. These repeated signals have given permission to others to behave also without regard for animals in our surroundings. And it must stop by rethinking a constructive city plan and giving new signals to the community – and to the animals who struggle to avoid our city killing them for no reason.
I attach a letter of similar concern that recently appeared on Please read it and let me know what you and council will do to redirect this present disregard for wildlife which sadly governs our city’s interface with nature.
Please do not send me a form letter as a reply thanking me for my contact. I wrote to be heard and learn from you what constructive changes you will implement to prevent future wildlife fiascos such as these.
Colleen Fraser, Kanata

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Let us know if you get a response Colleen. Thank you for sharing your letter.

Anita Utas

The promised humane Wildlife Strategy was a farce from the start, and that is why this tragic event happened, and why it will continue to happen, not just with large mammals, but with the trapping of beaver and killing of lynx and any other unfortunate animal that wanders into this city. What we need is an overhaul of our city officials. We need people who care about living things. We need a Mayor who does not break his promises and who cares about coexistence. But with the mindset of these types of people we currently have running the city, we will get nowhere. We fought long and hard for a progressive Wildlife Strategy and it resulted in a big, fat zero. So, when it comes time to vote, you know what to do.

Colleen Fraser

Isn't it time that citizens tired of politicians' forgotten and thwarted promises were forced to follow through - since it is on those grounds that they were elected into office - and either removed from office with a payback of their wrongly awarded salaries?

The problem of politicians not following through can only be stopped by direct action taken against them when they lie. In a normal workplace if you don't do the job you've been hired to do, you are fired. Why is public office not the same? Instead of being jaded and giving up, the public needs to be determined to undertake the steps needed to correct this.

Certainly election time can be payback, but by then four years of salary,lost opportunities and 48 months have been lost forever. Can we do better than this?