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Start Date: July 8, 2016
End Date: Open
Started By: Robert Chisholm
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There has been a corruption cover-up going on for 30 years. Among other things, in 1991 the company – known then as The SNC Group -  had failed to pay a Court judgement in a wrongful dismissal case. As a result, they had some office furniture seized followed by a bank account seizure when they still refused to pay. This coincided with The SNC Group taking over and purchasing the assets of their major rival, Lavalin Inc., which had gone bankrupt.

Traditional news media have always refused to investigate and report on this when asked. Example: in August 1991, Bill Marsden – then with the Montreal Gazette - would only say ‘’…we are doing something else with SNC… ‘’, when asked about it. The paper was actually reporting every day or two on the progress of the Lavalin takeover.

Yet the same traditional news media have freely reported on SNC-Lavalin Inc.’s bribery and improper payments in Libya, on numerous occasions, since about 2010. Clearly, secretly-applied double standards and social prejudices are causing suppression of information about some forms of corruption in business, while allowing complete freedom to report on other types of corruption in business. 

The originator of this campaign, Robert Chisholm, ran a successful public event on April 2nd 2016 at the University of Ottawa, and took questions from the audience of about 18 people. It was partly about this concealed corruption at SNC-Lavalin Inc. and their predecessor company, The SNC Group.

On May 26th 2016, TV Ontario gave some indication of interest in investigating and reporting, in response to Robert Chisholm’s request, and this is documented. People who read this are encouraged to contact TV Ontario and ask them to investigate and report, based on the information in his letter at  http://unpublishedottawa.com/letter/79503/please-contact-tvo-help-expose-concealed-corruption-business

That letter also contains a link to the full details of Mr. Chisholm’s April 2nd event

Mr. Chisholm published an Op-Ed about the same company, in September 2015 – for the benefit of people interested in further background information. Here is the link to it :-


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