Include South March Highlands in Ottawa's Urban Forest Management Plan

Include South March Highlands in Ottawa's Urban Forest Management Plan

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Start Date: January 10, 2016
End Date: Open
Started By: Paul Renaud
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Despite being rated by the City of Ottawa as the most significant natural area within Ottawa "with rich plant and animal life found nowhere else in the urban part of the City" (2008 Ottawa Urban Natural Areas Environmental Evaluation), the City of Ottawa's new Urban Forest Management Plan will divide this sensitive eco-system, excluding the significant wetlands and forest to the north of Terry Fox Drive.  We want the entire area, both north and south of Terry Fox Drive to be protected under the new Plan. 

Here are 3 easy actions you can do to protect the Sout March Highlands:

1.     Email Ottawa Centre MP Catherine McKenna to ask her to get the NCC to declare the SMH National Interest Land Mass so that it cannot be developed any further: Don't forget to post your email/letter to afterwards so we can share it with our audience and interested Canadians. 

2.     Respond to the Ontario MNR's call for comments on KNL's application to compromise Species at Risk by filling out the form at:

3.    Join the letter writing campaign here on to call on the City of Ottawa to include the entire South March Highlands in the new Urban Forest Management Plan by writing to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor David Chernushenko, Chair of the Environment Committee:


For more information about why its so important to save the South March Highlands please see our first letter in this campaign at:


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