New Democratic Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh

New Democratic Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh

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About This Letter Writing Campaign

Start Date: October 4, 2019
End Date: Open
Started By: Unpublished Admin
Campaign Website:
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Welcome to Unpublished Media’s campaign page for New Democratic Party of Canada Leader, Jagmeet Singh!

The 2019 Federal election is soon, and we want to give you the opportunity to write open letters to the federal party leaders, using the trending topics 'elxn43' and 'cdnpoli'.

Do you have a particular issue you would like to bring to the attention of a party leader? Do you want to voice your support a party? You can write to them, right here, for free!

Start by creating an account at . Once registered, use the ‘Write a Letter’ feature on the bottom of this letter campaign page!

Select the letter writing campaign for the appropriate party leader, and fill in the topics and tags with 'elxn43' and 'cdnpoli' once your letter is complete.

You need use a relevant photo with no text to be featured in your letter.

We will share your letter on our Facebook page so your friends, other Canadians, and politicians, can see what you have to say.

So, what are you waiting for? Publish your letter today! Election day is October 21st 2019!

Happy writing!

Campaign Letters

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