Hydrogen Generators for you Car

Hydrogen Generators for you Car

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Start Date: June 11, 2017
End Date: Open
Started By: David Scrivens
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Good morning,

I am looking to help you save money and also give your karmic upside a big boost. 

I am a courier. I own a automobile. I pollute the environment. I found a hydrogen generator on the internet which is quite amazing. It is a true hydrogen on demand system. The best part is it reduces vehicle emissions over 1000%. The 2nd thing is it is quite cheap to buy simple to install. The 3rd thing is it WILL save the consumer a lot of money.

This device is VERY different from what people are accustomed to when it comes to hydrogen generator devices for cars. People's experience is with a 2 piece hydrogen generator kit. These do not work very well at all. The ONE piece kit I have rights to in Canada is quite different. It ensures green vehicle emissions, gas savings, and a few other perks. 

This kit and the production cycle in the United States is working quite well. Alas, in Canada it is stagnant after 1 year.

This kit works quite amazingly for reducing emissions and saving gas/money.

Sadly, the hydrogen generator kit, and all its benefits to the environment and yourselfs (in terms of saving money are karmic impact) are being lost due to the negative stigma which a 2 piece hydrogen generator aftermarket car kit has created before this 1 piece kit was created. People seem to love the idea of this kit but then they turn to "other sources" of information, their friends, the internet, the governments and it does not fly for them anymore. The basic information from other sources is negative and highly prejudicied by the workings and information surrounding a flawed 2 piece hydrogen generator car kit.

So to all our kits work. It seems to us there is/are also several other things out of place in society. Their kind of wonky, almost like a building which is loosing it support pillars and is in a slow to medium decay state. Taxes going up, revenues shrinking, constant, never ending wait times, in fighting, confusion in the medical system. Opiates.  People being stamped with the artifical person tag... What is going on?

So if you would like to boost your positive karmic wellbeing/level/load please feel free to inquire or buy one of our kits if you own a car. You will have knowledge that you are helping the environment which will have a positive karmic spin for you. As a bonus you will also save money.


Dave Scrivens and Supercharged Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Hybrids


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