Canada must Transition the economy by investing in Renewables

Canada must Transition the economy by investing in Renewables

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Start Date: November 30, 2016
End Date: Open
Started By: Adam Caldwell
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Back in 2008 the Harper government introduced a massive stimulus program. After 8 years of Bush it would have been perfect time to invest massively in green energy development, but the Conservatives decided to pour concrete and build gazebos. Eight years later, the USA has 2.5 Million jobs in renewables, more than oil, gas and coal combined - leaving CAnada in the dust.

With the approval of Kinder Morgan and Line 9, the Tudeau Liberals are continuing this short-sighted legacy, propping up an inductry our climate cannot afford. We can not afford to mortgage our future with more hydrocarbon infrastructure. 

Campaign Letters

Dear Hon. David McGuinty, I was quite dismayed at the government’s announcement yesterday to approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline. I am one of those “radicals”... more
November 30, 2016
climate change
Kinder Morgan