Opening of Parliament: The Liberal Government's Priorities

Opening of Parliament: The Liberal Government's Priorities

The House of Commons will resume sitting on Monday, the first time since the Liberals won a minority government in the last election. In between, one of the largest Cabinets ever was introduced by the Prime Minister. That still leaves two months of idle MPs. What are the priorities of this next government?

There’s been a lot of road between the last election and the return of Parliament. The Liberals and NDP appear to be planning on working together on some shared goals, although NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says not every vote will be a “fait accompli”.

The return to Parliament comes with Canada in the fourth wave of the pandemic, the country’s largest trading partner talking protectionism and the devastating flooding that has swamped B.C.

Our question asks:

Which priority of the government do you want addressed first?

  • Vaccinations
  • Paid sick leave
  • $10/day Childcare
  • Ban on conversion therapy
  • Indigenous reconciliation
  • Military reform
  • COP26 commitments
  • Other
  • None of the Above

You can log on and vote right now at and have your voice heard.