UnpublishedTV: Trudeau’s New Liberal Cabinet

UnpublishedTV: Trudeau’s New Liberal Cabinet

There are some new faces around the federal Cabinet table for the Liberals as the Prime Minister unveiled the “new bench” to lead the country out of the pandemic and toward recovery. 39 ministers in all, including a couple of new portfolios, Emergency Preparedness and Housing. Will this group get the job done?

While the new government signaled it wanted to get down to business right away, it still took more than a month to name the new Cabinet. And this government won’t be sitting in the House for another three weeks. Creating a Cabinet requires more than just picking your strengths or favourites. Gender, geography, experience, and electoral success all play a part. This current crop of Cabinet Ministers features many faces that have slipped over the last few years.

Our Unpublished.vote question asks:

Which Cabinet Minister will be the first to be shuffled out?

Our audience responded: 

  • Mélanie Joly, Foreign Affairs = 22.5%
  • Anita Anand, Defence = 12.4%
  • Steven Guilbeault, Environment = 29.2%
  • Jean Yves Duclos, Health = 7.9%
  • Patty Hajdu, Indigenous Affairs = 16.9%
  • Other = 4.5%
  • None of the Above = 6.7%

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Joining us to discuss the new Cabinet tonight…   

  1. Tasha Kheiriddin, Public Policy Analyst / Political Commentator @TashaKheiridden
  2. Mario Canseco, President at Research Co. @mario_canseco
  3. Nelson Wiseman, Professor, Political Studies  University of Toronto