UnpublishedTV: Is Electoral Reform Needed in Canada?

UnpublishedTV: Is Electoral Reform Needed in Canada?

Following our last federal election, which saw the Liberals return to government with another minority, voices have been rising about a more fair and equitable form of elections to better represent all voters. Does Canada need electoral reform now?

In 2015, then Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau said if he won the election it would be the last federal election under the “First Past the Post” system. We’ve had two elections since that claim—both were First Past the Post.

When you look at the numbers from the last election, Trudeau won with the support of just 20% of voters. Not exactly a rousing endorsement. In Europe, New Zealand and Australia, they have various forms of electoral reform, whether it’s some form of Proportional Representation or Ranked Ballot.

Our Unpublished.vote question asked: Do you support electoral reform in Canada?

Our audience responded... 

  • Yes = 89.3%
  • No =  6.2%
  • Unsure = 4.4%

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