TONIGHT on UnpublishedTV... Canada's Next Parliament: Looking Forward

TONIGHT on UnpublishedTV... Canada's Next Parliament: Looking Forward

The lay of the land politically has not shifted since the beginning of the pandemic. When COVID arrived, the Liberals had a minority government propped up by the NDP. Fast forward to this summer and the Liberals plunged the country into an election which no one wanted, only to arrive back at the same point, a Liberal minority.

Now, they will have to lay out their agenda with an eye on support from another party. What should be the top priorities of this government?

The Fourth wave of the pandemic is here, debt and deficit is piling up, employers are having trouble finding help and Indigenous reconciliation is top of mind for many Canadians.

Our question asked:

What should be the top priority of the new federal government?

Our audience responded:

  • Economic recovery = 49.7%
  • Vaccine mandates = 4.5%
  • Indigenous reconciliation = 3.4%
  • Climate change = 6.1%
  • Electoral reform = 24.0%
  • Foreign policy and trade = 1.1%
  • Other = 11.2%
  • Unsure = 0%

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