Canadian Election Night on UnpublishedTV

Canadian Election Night on UnpublishedTV

The finish line is in sight for the 44th Federal election. Polls close at 8 pm this evening in eastern Canada in a campaign that was overridden by one nagging issue. Why are we having this election? It was something the Liberals under-estimated and it left the Opposition an opening. Will it work?

The 36-day campaign saw the Liberals holding an 8-point lead on the Conservatives and hoping for a majority. Now, Trudeau is in a statistical tie with Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives.

This election comes a bit different. For one, the growth of the PPC has been eye opener. Add to the mix, this is Jagmeet Singh’s second election. In the final week the NDP has seen some growth. Then, there’s the Green Party that was hoping for renewed optimism and support, only to have its campaign derailed by infighting. The Bloc Québécois has seen some enthusiasm for its message coming courtesy of a moderator’s question in the English leader’s debate.

Our question asked:

Did the federal leaders’ national debate(s) help you to decide who to vote for?

  • Yes = 32.2%
  • No = 60.6%
  • Maybe = 5.2%
  • Unsure = 1.9%

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Stephanie Chiounard
Stephanie Chouinard

Department of Political Science at Queen's University