ELXN2021 on UnpublishedTV: Affordable Housing

ELXN2021 on UnpublishedTV: Affordable Housing

It’s the dream of pretty well every Canadian to own their own home. Do you remember the time you got the keys to your first home? I do. It’s a goal fulfilling feeling. But, it’s a dream out of reach for many Canadians right now, which is why all the federal parties are preaching about their platforms to provide more affordable housing.

Will any of the parties’ plans for affordable housing work?

Affordable housing is defined as spending no more than 30 percent of the family income on rent or mortgage payments. When it rises above that, it forces people to cut back somewhere else.

At the beginning of the election campaign, affordable housing was the top priority for most Canadians. Prices across the country have been on the rise with Toronto and Vancouver leading the way. The average price of a home in T.O is now north of $1 Million. Not exactly an affordable price tag for those entering the real-estate market for the first time.

Our Unpublished.vote question asked:

Which federal party has the best plan to create affordable housing? The Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Green Party or People’s Party of Canada?

The Unpublished audience’s response was… 

  • Liberals = 6.2%
  • Conservatives = 70.1%
  • NDP = 9.3%
  • Green Party = 2.1%
  • People’s Party = 12.4%

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