UTV: What happened inside Canada's national virology lab?

UTV: What happened inside Canada's national virology lab?

It has all the twists and turns of an espionage thriller... missing scientists, questionable security, tight lipped police and a government trying to hide information from Parliament. What could possibly be in those documents?

The husband and wife team of researchers were escorted out of Winnipeg‘s National Virology Lab in the summer of 2019. All the Public Health Agency of Canada will say is that it was an “administrative issue” and will not elaborate. The pair also had many Chinese students working alongside them. This is one of the most secure facilities in Canada.

Parliament’s committee on Canada China relations has been demanding the documents regarding the removal of the scientists, but the Public Health Agency won’t release them citing national security issues. The Liberals have even gone as far as filing a lawsuit against the Speaker to keep the documents hidden.

Our Unpublished.vote question this week asked:

Should the federal government respect the wishes of Parliament and provide the documents on the Chinese scientists?

  • 97.9% = Yes
  • 1.6% = No
  • 0.5% = Unsure

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