UTV: Cancel Canada Day?

UTV: Cancel Canada Day?

2021 Canada Day celebrations were a bit muted this year, not just because of the pandemic, but due to the discovery of three unmarked grave sites near residential schools in Canada. At this point more than one thousand graves have been discovered with ground penetrating radar. It’s expected many more will soon be uncovered.

The residential school system in Canada saw indigenous children pulled from their traditional homes and family with the intent of driving out their culture and language. About two thirds of them were run by the Catholic Church although others were run by the United, Anglican and Presbyterian churches.

The 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission report outlined the many abuses suffered by the children as well as the knowledge of these grave sites. But as that report aged, it seemed the knowledge of the horror dimmed in the public eye. Then when the first discovery was announced in Kamloops, there was wide-spread outrage and condemnation. It’s surprising that after six years, Canadians finally remember.

We realize we’re past the holiday, but the Cancel Canada Day movement grew across the country as many reflected on the tragic discovery.

Our Unpublished.vote question asked:

Do you feel Canada Day celebrations should be cancelled in light of the discoveries in Kamloops and Saskatchewan?

  • Yes: 12%
  • No: 87.5 %
  • Unsure: 0.5%

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Joining us to discuss the issue and where it could lead is:

  • Melissa Mbarki Policy Analyst and Outreach Coordinator, Indigenous Policy Program, Macdonald-Laurier Institute @MelissaMbarki
  • Karl Nerenberg, Political Reporter @Rabble.ca