COVID-19: Returning to School

COVID-19: Returning to School

Do you feel comfortable seeing students back to school in September? Dig deeper on the subject, cast your vote, and email your MP - all on! Join Ed Hand Monday July 27th at 8PM ET on Facebook and Youtube to participate in a live discussion with an expert panel around students returning to school, and the results of this Unpublished Vote!

While summer vacation continues for many parents and kids, the question on their mind is “when will the school bell ring”?

The Covid 19 pandemic robbed students of their year, forcing them to try and continue learning on line from home. This September Ontario is pushing a hybrid model of in class and online learning, but there doesn’t seem to be clear directions. Students for the most part in Canada have not been in a classroom since March - there will be a lot of adapting to do.

It will be a whole new world when they do sit down at their desks. There will be challenges for the teachers as well. Parents are in limbo as the hybrid model of in class and online learning will make child care a big issue. On top of that, all the changes on the horizon for school and school boards is going to add to the education price tag.