COVID-19: US Denies Canada N95 Medical Masks

COVID-19: US Denies Canada N95 Medical Masks

With neighbours like this, who needs friends?

While Canadians self isolate and practice physical distancing, we glance south of the 49th parallel and see chaos, and in the midst of the chaos came word, the US President was ordering 3M to stop sending masks and ventilators to Canada and Latin America 3M, in it’s Defense pointed out the humanitarian impacts of such a move. It certainly might make some Canadians look to the south with a different view. Longest undefended border in the world, yet the US was willing to throw it away.

People were upset with the order from the US government, interesting to note that 3M has a number of plants in Canada, you wonder how this might impact Canada-US relations in the future. Tune in to the Unpublished Café as we explore the long-term consequences of Trumps decision to shut Canada out.

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Peggy Mason
Peggy Mason

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