Podcast: Ontario Throne Speech

Podcast: Ontario Throne Speech

The Ontario PC's made a lot of promises on the campaign trail but we're short on details when it came to attaining goals. Promises of lower Hydro bills and lower gas prices were highlighted but they haven't been fleshed out yet. The Province has pulled out of cap and trade although there is nothing to replace it.

Ford has made good on turfing Hydro One head, Mayo Schmidt, who he dubbed the "six million dollar man" during the campaign. The entire Board resigned leaving the utility without leadership. One of the most polarizing issue during the campaign was a return to the previous sex-ed curriculum which is 20 years old and out of date.

New Ontario education minister, Lisa Thompson was invited on to the show, but her office said she was unavailable. That's too bad as there seems to be some confusion as to what will be taught. In the last 48 hours, the PC's have said the old curriculum will be taught in September, then Thompson added that things like consent, and respect will be taught. She then maintains no decisions have been made. Premier Doug Ford now says that his government will undertake the largest education consultation with parents in Ontario, yet there is no timetable for that consultation. When it comes to the sex Ed curriculum brought in in 2015, some parents felt it wasn't age appropriate. The religious-right hijacked the issue spreading falsehoods about what it contained.

So here we are about six weeks to go before kids head back to class and educators are no closer to knowing what is and isn't part of the curriculum.



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Sue McGarvie

Registered Sex Therapist 


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