Podcast: #FakeNews and the War on Truth

Podcast: #FakeNews and the War on Truth

It's been around for a lot longer than Donald Trump, but he has certainly taken it to the next level: #Fakenews.  

The US president  has waged an ongoing  war with mainstream media, branding everything he doesn't like or inconvenient as "Fake News".  He even started his own awards to target what he felt was the worst in media.  Closer to home, #FakeNews has appeared in the Ontario election campaign as a staffer in the Ford camp has been appearing in ads as a "reporter".  

Back in January, the Canadian government looked at the issue and deduced there wasn't much it could do.  Briefing notes for Heritage Minister Manie Joly points out the government can't decide for Canadians what is and isn't Fake News. Other governments have started to take it more seriously it appears although it could be a smoke screen.  Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have all brought in legislation against #FakeNews although critics point out it could muzzle independent media.  

Social media gets part of the blame for the advancing of #FakeNews or as former US Press Secretary Sean Spicer, referred to "Alternative Facts".  

Today on the Unpublished.Cafe, we will take a look at the issues facing the truth today.  Joining me for the discussion is Tom Korski, managing editor of Blacklock's Reporter. The impetus for this show today was an interesting story from Blacklock's Reporter which found our federal government had actually spent half a million dollars creating #FakeNews.

What does it say when a federal government of a democratic nation is paying to put out #Fakenews? We delve into this question today on the Unpublished.Cafe. 


This episode of the Unpublished.Cafe is a 1-on-1 interview between host Ed Hand and Tom Korski from Blacklock's Reporter where they discuss the Canadian government's involvment in the creation of #FakeNews. 



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