Unpublished.Cafe Podcast: Conservatism in Ontario

Unpublished.Cafe Podcast: Conservatism in Ontario

How BIG is the "Big Blue Tent" and why can't Ontario's Conservatives fit in it anymore?

It's been almost 20 years since the Ontario PC's won an election. That time in the political wilderness has been gnawing on the nerves of the Big Blue Machine.   With so much swirling around the caucus and executive, not to mention the disgruntled supporters, it has the party focusing on internal squabbles and not the end game--Winning the next election.

Nevertheless, Ontario is heading to the polls on June 7th to decide who will run the province for the next four years. The latest polls have the Ontario PC's ahead of the governing Liberals, but the Party is currently in the midst of a fractious leadership debate brought on by the accusations against former PC leader Patrick Brown. Nothing has been proven in court. He has denied any wrong doing, suggested his accusers file criminal charges.  He then jumped back in and then out of the leadership race. 

North Bay Area MPP, Vic Fedeli has been appointed interim leader and has said publicly, there is rot in the Party.  Skulduggery around some contested nomination battles, questions about the number of signed up members, and improper spending has been revolving around the party which doesn't put it in a favourable light heading into an election. It appears Brown's leadership and tactics have worn thin on some supporters who have branched out to join and start new parties. Today on the Unpublished.Cafe podcast we take a look at the state of conservatism in Ontario and where it could lead.

This podcast includes two interviews and panel discussion with Jack MacLaren, Jay Tysick and Carlos Naldinho.


Unpublished.Cafe Guests

  1. Nelson Wiseman, Director of Canadian Studies at the University of Toronto

           Nelson Wiseman is a professor of political science in addition to being the Director of Canadian Studies at U of T. 

       2. Janet Ecker, former OPC MPP

           Janet Ecker held several portfolios in the Mike Harris and Ernie Eves government, including finance minister. 

      3. Jack MacLaren, MPP Carleton-Mississippi Mills

          Originally elected to Queen's Park as a member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, Jack MacLaren crossed the floor last year to become the first sitting member of the Trillium Party. 

      4. Jay Tysick, Leader of the Ontario Alliance Party

         Disqualified from running for the OPC nomination in the riding of Carleton, Jay Tysick left to start and become the leader of the Ontario Alliance Party. 

      5. Carlos Naldinho, #ImOut

         The #ImOut movement began in opposition to Patrick Brown's leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Now its waiting to see who wins the PC leadership contest. 


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