By James OGrady | May 7, 2014
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A few weeks ago ‘Unpublished Ottawa’ passed the one year mark.  Our first year of operation has been very exciting. When we launched in April in 2013 we didn’t know what kind of reception we would receive. A self-publishing, social media website specifically for letter writers and Canadians interested in current affairs had never been done before... Read more
By James OGrady | February 1, 2014
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Unpublished Ottawa founder James O'Grady was interviewed on CKCU FM 93.1 on Friday January 17, 2014, about and why he created it. The interview begins after the BBC World News report.  
By James OGrady | September 22, 2013
James OGrady's picture is a free social media site for letter writers living in Ottawa and across Canada. Users can publish letters, OpEds, internet comments and even rants (a la Rick Mercer), so they can be shared easily through email and social media with friends, colleagues and community. In doing so, allows users to... Read more
By James OGrady | January 24, 2013
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From Paul’s letter to the Romans to Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter from the Birmingham jail, letters have always been an effective way to communicate and influence. A good letter combines passion with thoughtful planning to stir a reaction in everyone who reads it. The digital age has made it easier to communicate with others through email, blogs... Read more