Writing letters can inspire

Writing letters can inspire

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Posted on January 24, 2013 | By James OGrady

From Paul’s letter to the Romans to Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter from the Birmingham jail, letters have always been an effective way to communicate and influence. A good letter combines passion with thoughtful planning to stir a reaction in everyone who reads it.

The digital age has made it easier to communicate with others through email, blogs, and social media. While social media reaches a large audience, some thoughts can’t be captured in 140 characters or an Internet meme. Email and blogs give more opportunity for reasoned argument, but it’s harder to find an audience.

Unpublished Ottawa gives you the best of both worlds: a forum where you can use the power of the pen to reach a large community of interest. Write when the urge strikes, whether you are inspired by current events or personal happenings. Use it as a way to start a conversation about an issue you care about, or indulge your creative flights of fancy. Then share it with your family, colleagues, friends and groups. They can join the community to create their own letters—or post feedback on yours.

Here’s the really great part—it’s free and easy! You don’t have to set up your own blog, pay for it, maintain it, archive it, and try to find readers. We do that for you. We do other things to help you out too. Use our letter writing tips to make your letters as great as they can be. Easily share your letters via email and your social media accounts. Tell others about yourself in a personal profile. Attach images or video to create even more impact.

We developed this innovative site to make it easier for you to participate in our community, engage in the democratic process, and give a voice to the 99% of residents that don’t get heard in Ottawa.

So go ahead. Have your say. Inspire us!

Then come visit often, so you can engage with other letter-writers who may have similar interests.

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